Designation of a site for textile waste management

March 30, 2021

Please be informed that FREA 28 Ltd. has the following investment proposal:

“Registration of a waste management site” pursuant to Art. 78 para. 3 of the Waste Management Act.

The investment proposal will be implemented on the following real estate:

Plot VIII-239 of the quarter. 10 on the plan of the village of. Trud Municipality “Maritsa” obl. Plovdivska, the whole of 4130 sq.m. in one with the outbuilding built in it of 1591 sq.m., at the borders of the plot from the north and south – road border; from the east – IX -240 and from the west – plot XII – 238 and I-265.

The warehouse has existing restricted access. The specialised site will be located in an already existing part of the warehouse, in accordance with the type and capacity of the equipment used for the treatment of textile waste.

Textile products are delivered baled. They are transported and manually sorted and classified by type. All plastic packaging shall be removed and collected separately. Classified items are grouped and packaged in reusable polymer bags. Textile products unsuitable for their original use are sorted by fabric and suitability for further treatment. The cotton products are separated and packed in 10 kg bags and sold to companies. Buttons and zippers separated during the process are handed over to specialized organizations.

The planned position of the site has infrastructure in place, with asphalt and concrete surfacing and fire precautions in place.

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