May 2, 2022

We met Lydia at our last FREA Hypermarket event at FREA MLADOST and couldn’t help but notice her individual style and look.

The first thing that struck us about her outfit was a great vintage jumpsuit! We immediately got her contact and decided to create some inspiring photos for you.

Styling was again a team effort between Lydia and myself. We liked her courage to experiment and enter different eras.

Who is Lydia?

Lidia Litvinova is from Moldova and has been living in Sofia for 3 weeks. She spontaneously decided to move to Sofia and look for inspiration and projects. (We are happy that our capital attracts creative people).

Lydia describes herself as a “vintage lover”, stylist, model and owner of an online vintage shop in Chisinau. She loves colour matching, listening to music and walking on her own.

FREA: What is your favorite vintage trend?

Lydia: It’s hard to say. I like them all and love mixing and matching them, but probably floral summer dresses the most. They are so easy to mix and match and can be worn with cowboy boots, a knit top, a leather jacket or gloves. It’s easy to feel like myself in clothes like that.

But my biggest obsession turned out to be the small leather bag trend. I already own a whole collection.

FREA: What is your favorite FREA find?

Lydia: I found a lot of finds in the store, but I settled on a little silver bag with little TOSCABLU roses. Such a treasure!

FREA: You like second-hand shopping because…?

Lydia: I have too many reasons! The first one is meditation for me, the second one is my profession.

I love it all – searching, finding and owning finds! The whole process is a conscious shopping experience and a great way and opportunity to dress in unique, high-end clothing, becoming part of a cycle that cares about the planet.

This is my way of solving the problem of wondering what to wear from the age of 10. Mass market clothes don’t work for me – neither the designs, nor the prices, nor the quality – nothing makes me feel good with clothes from fast fashion stores.

This is why my wardrobe is 98% vintage and I’m proud of it!

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