June 12, 2022

We clearly remember that spring afternoon when we first met T at the Vintage pop-up garden event on the street. Hristo Belchev. A beautiful, tall girl with perfect proportions was trying on a vintage two-piece set, and we were all gaping. The costume stood exquisitely everyhow it was made for her.
After a few hours of clothes measuring and sweet talk, we became close enough to exchange contacts.

Here, we finally managed to realize a session and asked our questions to T, who has been living and studying in Bulgaria for two years.

You were born in Germany but have Vietnamese and Chinese ancestry. She studied medicine in Sofia and came here to fulfill her dream of understanding all the mysteries of the human body. She describes herself as open, fun and compassionate. She loves to dance and listen to music, it was music that led to our pop-up event in the inner city and that’s how we met her.

FREA: Your favorite vintage trend?

T: I love a two-piece suit in rich colors. It makes me feel dominant, sexy and powerful.

FREA: Your favorite FREA find?

T: I got two vintage jackets from a pop-up event at FREA. Everyone compliments me on them.

FREA: You shop second-hand because?

T. Life in too short to be unnoticed. Stand outside the crowd and just shine.

Vintage clothes give us the opportunity to build an individual style. In addition, behind every garment is a sentimental adventure and a story of its own, making the experience even more unique and amazing.

And of course, vintage clothes are the opposite of the so-called “throwaway mentality” that has turned us into consumers who get bored of everything quickly and are just looking to get rid of our stuff quickly and painlessly at the expense of nature’s future. We have to fight global warming, low wages and child labour, which fast fashion fuels.

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