Frea muse #3 – Styliana Markova

March 26, 2020

Amazingly charming! We fell in love with her radiance instantly when we saw her for the first time in our pop-up shop on G.S. Rakovski. She is a theatre actress by profession, so it’s no surprise that conversations with her always turn into real fun. Her natural beauty and good-natured air definitely make her a muse.


FREA: Your favorite find from FREA?
Stelly: My favorite find is a pink LAZY OAF blouse with hearts. Of course I can’t help but mention my first find from FREA, and that is the #oversize jacket.

FREA: You shop secondhand because…. ?
Stelly: When I find a vintage piece of clothing I start making up amazing stories. For example – how many women have been with her on a first date, what they experienced, if they were happy, what story this garment comes with. There is something damn sentimental and touching about these clothes, they have a past and I love being able to give them a future too. And to create new, exciting stories with them.

FREA: Your favorite vintage trend?
Stelly: It’s hard to say what my favorite vintage trend is because I always surprise myself with the finds I buy. I really like oversize jackets. They are cruel and I would never get tired of them.

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