FREA MUSE #7 Ana-Maria

July 26, 2020

Anna-Maria Hadjistoyanova plays the role of muse number 7. She was born in 1997 in Sofia and thanks to her creativity she is now the founder and the actor behind the visual art, performance and electronic music project “Hysterica”. Interesting and different Anna-Maria skillfully embraces the role of promoter, event organizer, stylist and freelance assistant, working on various music and fashion related projects since 2016.
Her style is eclectic and definitely inspiring. It draws us into unfamiliar spaces, abounding with beautiful feminine forms, but in unusual -even slightly rough- dimensions. We are happy to immerse ourselves in this infinite universe, and we invite you too

FREA: Your favorite vintage trend?
Ana-Maria: Definitely the pointy and square-toed shoes (which people I know made fun of me for a few years ago…), small bags like the one in the skirt look (which is ridiculously good), corsets, and the way we handle color in general.

FREA: You shop secondhand because…. ?
Ana-Maria: They suit my aesthetic best and I love spending time treasure hunting. Sometimes I find almost nothing, but other times when I am lucky the feeling is incomparable. Not only can we find something special, but we recycle, which is extremely necessary in the times we live in.

FREA: My favorite find from FREA
Ana-Maria: My forever favorite vintage black Levi’s that I ripped off from wearing and the little bag that is made out of different chocolate wrappers (how cool is that?)

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