April 13, 2022

We met Rossi a few years ago at an event and fell in love with her charismatic vibe. Rosie is a lovely girl with many skills, one of which is cooking. He lives in London, does advertising , and in his spare time he hangs out at clubs and takes pictures of every beautiful moment with an analogue camera. In the pictures you can see our latest project for improved recycled clothing – FREA UPCYCLE.

The project starts this weekend (16-17 April) at FREA MLADOST. We will present 10 unique pieces of clothing, painted and recycled together with Iva Damyanov. The money raised from the clothes will be donated to families in need in Ukraine.

What is your favourite vintage trend? – I can’t say I have a favorite because I’m a period person and one season is one thing, another is totally another. I’m a bit of a chameleon when it comes to trends. Here now the sun has come out a bit, I smell summer and the obsession with colours is back. Anything colourful, colourful and reminiscent of the 80s, give it a go.
Your favorite FREA find..? I have a party blouse – Vintage D&G, a little matrix style that is very special to me. It’s my favorite because every time I put it on I break out dancing.
I shop second hand because… ? Because I’m a person of second chances. And I am sure that I will not be in the embarrassed situation of showing up somewhere and some chick is already wearing the same outfit, and even it fits her better.

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