April 28, 2020



Every time you buy a new garment, make sure you part with another, older one. Think about the consequences of overpricing and the buying process. And for the braver among you, we advise you to be even radical and solve the formula: +1=-2 or -3. This mathematics is good – for humanity and for the planet.


By wearing one garment 30 times, you save 30 times the carbon emissions. Ask yourself how often you’ve worn a favourite piece of clothing 30 times, because that’s how easy it will be to build your sustainable wardrobe. Set a good example on Instagram – take a picture of yourself wearing an item of clothing at least 30 times using the hashtag #30wears.


We continue with the numbers and present you another fun, yet sustainable online challenge. The object of the game is to wear 10 outfits in a 10-day period, excluding sportswear, underwear, socks and small accessories.

Search the hashtag on Instagram, take a look and join the challenge now:

Keep sustainability in mind

Well yes, we are what we think. Lead a sustainable lifestyle. We share with you words from Vivian Westwood to consumers: ‘Buy less, choose better, do it without rushing’.

If you do buy new clothes, let them be classic models that don’t go out of style. To have a sustainable wardrobe, you don’t have to be a slave to seasonal trends, but only listen to your heart, gradually creating your own unique style.

“Style and confidence requires knowing yourself and wearing what you feel most comfortable in”

It is on this great truth that the selection philosophy of FREA is built. We strive to offer products with a classic touch and genuine charm. Clothes that do not go out of fashion – never.

Freeing your wardrobe of unnecessary clothes and accessories hides emotional wealth. That’s right – by giving, you receive. What? New and positive things in your life, for which there was no place before…

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