The fast fashion

June 16, 2019

The vintage revolution is knocking at the door, will you make room for it in yours?
wardrobe, thoughts and heart? The world realises the danger of
overproduction of clothes, most of which made using
of dangerous synthetic fibres.

Beautiful but toxic?

Think about the last time you bought something that was still aging with
label – somewhere out there… Fast fashion is more harmful than fast food because it affects
not only our physical health, but also the air, the oceans, the seas,
Animals. Chaos is a fact and the consequences are visible. Chemical
the compounds with which the clothes are treated are aggressive and bring in
sacrifice the earth’s resources. It is not excluded that there are also carcinogens in paints
substances (formaldehyde, etc.). Unfortunately, the elegant dress from the mall
can cause allergies, rashes, eczema and other skin
irritations. The exploitation of people and the environment is represented in
beautiful packaging in front of consumers’ eyes. Climate change
But we are reminded – the reality is different.

Vintage is the answer

We have repeatedly said that FREA is a cause and a glimpse of what is to come –
we strive to prove it every day (actions speak louder than
the words). Our mission is for a great purpose. We work and contribute to
the well-being of the planet, to preserve life on it, to ensure
a bright future for new generations.
We believe that building a personal style is extremely important,
attitude to fashion goes hand in hand with ethics.

We know – the frenzied appetite for new purchases is hard to control. Often
succumb to his dictatorship in moments of weakness or ad
manipulations. The truth is that shopping should bring pleasure, leaving
happy taste after yourself. “Indiscriminate relations” with the mainstream
collections and fast fashion steal from the color of the personality and harm the
Yes, second hand are second hand clothes, which however first class nourish
Id. The choice of vintage clothing demonstrates good culture,
commitment to the environment and social engagement. First of all,
they have a magical radiance, and the quality is not at the expense of quantity.
The bazaars organized by FREA are home to extraordinary finds –
inspiring designs, different silhouettes, colorful colors, fabrics with
history, past and future.
If love for people and the planet could materialize, then with
would certainly have become a vintage garment. The choice that
we do today is responsible for everything we will have tomorrow. The Revolution
began, the ruthless fashion industry challenges
our relationship with nature – which side are you on?

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