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October 21, 2019

Celebrating femininity in all its forms or what you need to know for autumn-winter 2019/2020

We eagerly took off our old clothes to soak in the magic of autumn. It has already enchanted us with new colours and a different take on each personality. Current trends are hitting us with character, depth and a classic twist. Turns out it’s almost all about size, especially when it comes to shoulders and sleeves. Hyperbolised shapes draw our attention with otherwise gentle curves. Around the corner of curious offerings, the French bourgeoisie lends its charm, contouring “balloon-like” silhouettes. In fact, Cristobal Balenciaga (the “architect of the cut”) created the oval and abstract garments as early as the 1950s. On the other hand, the rebellious spirit also walks, waving a flag of bright individuality. Differences unite – that’s what we felt when we took a closer look at the trends. The message of autumn is to enjoy women as they are, without trying to subordinate them to stereotypes and other people’s expectations.

The Leaders

Shades for every soul, of course, we’ll be dominant and confident again in black – a favourite, easy, to combine, simple and at the same time allowing interpretations with different accessories (for example neon shoes, Victoria Beckham knows best) colour. Cloud grey takes pride of place among the season’s most preferred colours. Let’s not limit it, though, because it has many faces – with sequins, glitter or harmonious, iridescent variations. Beige rules! It’s in tune with the hectic daily routine, generously doles out style and pulls it all off with ease. Without hesitation, we add a bit of the beauty of Asian turmeric – agree that the landscape outside demands it!

On the hunt for the elusive

Floral explosions, floral stripes, rebellious flares, naughty fringe, delicate aesthetics in ripstop velvet, polka dot accents – do your senses sense yet what adventure is ahead?

We continue to illustrate the picture with minimal and clean patterns, airy fabrics, Scottish plaid, bold prints, nice fabrics… The situation is “plenty of fresh ideas”, but also an opportunity to be neutral.

Elegant coats, pencil skirts, timeless cashmere, leather jackets, attractive capes, tweed trouser suits, loose jackets, golf-inspired knits, animal motifs, the indispensable trench coat, and elasticated leggings – these are just a few of the star characters of autumn that Frea has meticulously selected for you.

The new autumn-winter 2019/2020 season is the epitome of glamour, comfort, elegance and freedom of cuts.

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