Bloom baby, bloom!

January 21, 2020

We welcomed the new decade. Now what? We’re already thinking about spring, to which our selection of charming, trendy and fun to love (and wear) clothes is dedicated.

Spring is for dreamers

While our soul drinks dandelion wine, our imagination races hither and thither. If you’re wondering if there’s a leading colour, it’s with peace of mind that we say the truth lies in the wisdom of combinations.

It’s easy to tweak your style

The basic concept of trends is built on the power of convenience. The idea of multi-functionality, multi-layeredness, volume, freedom, a sense of lightness is elevated ever higher, as if to bring us closer to nature. The more casual, the better.

Look at me!

We can’t do without neon inspirations (for those moments when we want to be the centre of attention), pastel tones, earthy colours, deep blue adventures and the like, all in that order.

Floral motifs bloom, filling the aesthetic flair with a double dose of happiness. Nostalgic, amazingly romantic and fresh gardens come to life on the canvases.


The denim, the shirt, the trench, the blazer, the bermudas, the fairy dress, the high waist, the fishnet accents and his majesty the jumpsuit are all here – nice, sleek, flirty, serious, suitable for the office and for dinner out. Anything reminiscent of the Sherlock Holmes, gets a “Yes!”. Skin is colourful and almost obligatory, although we don’t necessarily associate spring with it. The bold shapes and ethereal organza can be spotted together and really suit each other. The great thing about the season is that it allows you to be neutral, serious, defiant or stunning – in fact you can be whatever you want.

Time Travel

Is your wardrobe looking for new vintage friends? He is about to be introduced to lovely creations in style from the 50s all the way to the 90s.

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