Frea muse – #4 Sofia Marovska

April 21, 2020

The circumstances could not allow us to meet our muse #4. Fortunately she has enough FREA finds and we made the project remote. Another plus – our girl is in isolation in a remote location in nature! Here she is – a breath of fresh air! All of our loyal followers have long understood that she is the queen of FREA.

Sofia Marovska needs no introduction. Don’t ask why, but immerse yourself in its radiance. Well, yes! We like her immensely, not only for her natural goddess beauty, but also for her casualness, calmness and femininity. Sofia brings its unusual charm with ease. Apart from all the above qualities, which are undoubtedly definite, our favourite muse also shines with great style. Absolute inspiration – that’s Sofia for us.


FREA: Your favorite find from FREA?
Sofia: Oh they are many! My leather jacket not Mulberry, L’evis jeans and a white silk shirt.

FREA: You shop secondhand because….
Sofia: I love shopping second-hand because there are no imposed trends, the whole style palette of the time is in one place.

FREA: Your favorite vintage trend?
Sofia: My favourite trend is the men’s white tee.

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