March 15, 2021

Chami is of Vietnamese origin, but was born and raised in Sofia in 1995. Her concrete hometown influenced her style to be contrastingly colorful and eclectic.

I shop second hand because… ?
I shop second hand for all sorts of reasons. It all started from the fact that I wanted my style to be distinctive, and unique finds are found in stores like this! I try to minimize my consumption of “fast fashion” clothes and thus contribute to the preservation of the environment by giving love back to an abandoned garment or accessory. There are many more reasons – financial responsibility, the thrill of treasure hunting, etc.

What is your favourite vintage trend?

Classic leather bags have a special place in my heart. They really are timeless and go with any outfit. My entire handbag collection is vintage.

Your favorite FREA find..?
It’s hard for me to single out any one find as a favorite – my Instagram profile is indicative of how much I wear all my colorful skirts, extravagant glasses, etc. on the lot; I don’t shop if I think I’m not going to wear it more than five times because it’s environmentally unfriendly. But if a fire breaks out in the house, I’ll run out for the aforementioned classic leather handbags.It’s everything!

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