Frea Vintage Christmas Market

December 12, 2019

Frea Vintage Christmas Market 2019

Friends, words are not enough to describe our excitement after the last two days spent in Gallery Oborishte 5! We have organised some exceptional events, but this has definitely turned out to be one of the most beautiful yet. Pearls of free imagination were everywhere, the variety of art stretched comfortably, feeling at home.

We try to do good and live in balance with nature and the world. The food at the bazaar was prepared by the first Bulgarian zero waste restaurant – Blagichka – Zero Waste by underprivileged youth.

We decided to give a second life to this textile waste by turning it into a colourful installation. Here the characters are fabrics – no one wants, discarded for recycling years ago somewhere in London. All the FREA finds we enjoy come to us thanks to NGOs supporting various global causes. The above fabrics come with the clothes we get from England. As you probably already guessed, most of them are leftovers and you can’t sew anything with them. That’s why we decided to show how with seemingly unnecessary fabrics it is possible to create art – a colorful art installation. Of course, we have a goal! Our dream is to inspire more people to create instead of throw away. Clothes and textiles abandoned in landfills rot for years, releasing methane, toxic lime, and gas (clothes made of non-biodegradable materials age in landfills for more than 200 years). We know the lifecycle of clothing and its impact on the environment, we know what the problems are, but we also believe we have found the solutions. Art is beautiful, it has no name, no race and no gender. Art unites and… saves.

Escape room, organised by the European Commission.

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