November 21, 2021

Hey, hey, today we present to you a charming woman with many faces. Marina has been shopping at FREA “since she was little” in her own words.

Marina… who is this girl? Most of the time I’m Marina or Marumba, but after two glasses of wine I could be recognized as Margo. “Who am I?” is a question whose answer I cannot yet find in all its breadth and depth, but the search is definitely on. Some things are certain though – a walking storm, bohemian at heart and extrovert by nature, always on the trail of new chaos to conquer. I do everything I can get my hands on, from sports to art, and I don’t like to limit myself, the goal is always to challenge myself with something new. As far as professional amplitude – I work in a startup with extremely fresh and young people, I’m also part of @balli.go’s platform for cbd products (in an all-female team, what’s more inspiring?!)

What is your favourite vintage trend?

Hmm… Is it possible to be just one? Silk Scarves, small-framed sunglasses, oversized blazers, aaaall types of hats – I find a use for everything. And yes, I would definitely live in the 70’s or 90’s style.

I shop second hand because… ?

I shop second hand because there is more (s)thought! I love finding treasures that aren’t found in mass market stores and the clothes I find inspire me to change my style constantly.

Your favorite FREA find..?

Forever my favorite find I found in FREA Plovdiv. Incredibly chic leather bodycon dress with a slight snakeskin pattern and bare back.

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