Meadows in the mountains

June 10, 2019

The FREA team puts exceptional effort, love and positive energy into every event they organize.

We are happy that this year for the second time we were part of the adventure in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains – Meadows In The Mountains(held for the 9th consecutive year), hosting many international guests and fewer from Bulgaria.

At the festival we showed that we can live 100% environmentally friendly. Do you still think this is impossible? Yes, we took the clothes in biodegradable sacks and even the clothes poles were made of wooden sticks. It turned out to be the perfect improvisation because we love what we do. You may have guessed it by now – the festival is world-renowned for its care for nature.

The 5 days in the mountains melted away after the last sunset. Our very first appearance at Meadows In The Mountains was a memorable experience. We didn’t know then what was ahead of us, and then we became convinced that the merging of man and nature is inevitable and, of course, completely natural.

Our current impressions are still as vivid and unforgettable.

We touched on a variety of weather factors as we worked tirelessly. We enjoyed interacting with customers from all over the world. Even though we were almost strangers with no boundaries between us, we shared the common joy of the magical place we were in together. We heard the voice of nature. She enveloped us in her green embrace, welcomed us as her family. He gave us breathtaking paintings and landscapes. Everywhere wooden installations were placed with a message and deep thought.

In this parallel reality, we have felt the power of nature’s riches more than ever.

We humans are individual, different, strange. We express ourselves loudly or quietly, wildly or humbly –  and therein lies the real charm. This festival, however, united all those present, gave them freedom, connected their hearts with the mountain.

3500 people created a colourful village that came alive with colourful emotions. Looking forward to the next event (next year) eagerly. Thanks to the wonderful faces who stopped by to leave us a smile each.

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