October 8, 2019

Once upon a time, when we were kids, we used to admire the grand plush curtains in grandma’s living room. They, burgundy in colour, proudly towering over our astonished gazes, left their soft imprint on memories.

We did not know then that velvet was born in the Far East (221-206 BC), to later experience its apogee in the Ottoman Empire, Persia, India, reaching with a glamorous sweep to France and Italy, where master weavers created miracles. We weren’t informed about its varieties either (the multi-functional texture of the fabric is really impressive). Perhaps, observing it closely, we subconsciously sensed that velvet was once available only to a certain circle of people of noble lineage. Let us remind you – in the film “Gone with the Wind” (1939) the inimitable Scarlett O’Hara created an iconic image, dressed in stunning red velvet, which in this case is an expression of rebellious love and bright passion.

Today, however, we freely touch this work of art, we don’t have to have “blue blood” flowing through our veins to feel worthy. Velvet is affordable and yet so soft, pleasant to the touch, caressing our skin and other people’s eyes.

The truth is that velvet is once again taking over the pages of fashion magazines (or never left there), as if we are officially welcoming the colder months with it. And how could it be otherwise, after all velvet suits every wardrobe, including yours.

It’s hard to list all the reasons why it’s a must have, but we will mention that it emphasizes individuality and personal style. And the shapes… They are varied – trousers, skirts, dresses, cheeks, coats, bags, etc., their workmanship is often full of picturesque fantasy and they come in all the colours you like.

“We are beautiful in velvet jeans…”, wrote the legendary poet Petya Dubarova in one of her works. This reminds us – silk velvet is applicable for different moments of everyday life, unconditionally appropriate for formal occasions and yet humbly unpretentious when we’re out there with friends, without labels.

It became clear to us that we adore velvet, in short – our explanation in love with it sounds like this: “As the sky prepares to surrender to the night, it slowly puts on its velvet slippers and sinks in anticipation of the sunset“.

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