Sustainable Fashion

September 9, 2019

Nature deserves respect and reverence. If we think and live ecologically, it is as if we are giving her a curtsy, expressing our gratitude. One of the biggest enemies of the environment is the fashion industry. It is no secret that the production of most clothes uses chemicals and other harmful substances that pollute the land, water, destroy fish and animals. Of course, they definitely affect our health extremely badly.

Are we buying more items than we need?

Rhetorical question. The world silently watches the erosion of natural beauty. “Fast fashion” is very fast indeed – it’s used to settling into a wardrobe almost instantly. But what happens when we get our fill of acquisitions? Landfills have long been home to sad, discarded clothes and textiles. They have been rotting and poisoning the planet for years.

A sustainable worldview – without pesticides and chemical fertilizers The opposition does not sleep. The light in the tunnel is ‘sustainable fashion’. It is not aggressive towards users, has its own philosophy of life and is an answer to many of the problems affecting the ecosystem. Its goal is to globally change our ideas about waste, economizers, processing of raw materials and social responsibility towards those working in the field. What actually is sustainable fashion? No, don’t imagine that your new dress will be biodegradable, made from recycled cardboard (although that’s an interesting idea and somewhat true).

“Sustainable fashion” is a way of being outside the vicious circle of predatory consumption. He touches on ethical issues, he cares about high quality, clean production and he definitely loves redesign. In ‘sustainable fashion’ everything is personal, important, meaningful, meaningful and ‘green’. In this case, natural natural materials, fruit of biodynamic- or organic farming, grown with commitment, recycled are used to make clothes.

Some of them are:
 Organic/Bio cotton;
 Hemp;
 Organic/Raw Silk;
 Recycled flax;
 Recycled denim;
 Plant extracts and natural products;
 Recycled Glass;
 Bamboo, etc.

With love for natural resources and your budget

If your middle name is fashion lover, but you don’t want to be part of the negative influence of “fast fashion” and overproduction on the Earth, then welcome to the “sustainable fashion” family.

At FREA, vintage finds with history and eco-caucus await you – but it’s time you gave them a future.

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